Why goatmilk?

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, but if you want to switch to bottle feeding or a combination of breast and bottle feeding, goat milk based bottle feeding is a suitable choice.

Goat's milk is consumed worldwide

Traditionally, people consume more goat’s milk than cow’s milk worldwide. And although more cow’s milk is still being produced worldwide, goat’s milk – also here in the west – is on the rise. The Dutch are increasingly opting for a glass of goat’s milk, and not only that: bottle-feeding based on goat’s milk is becoming more and more self-evident. Kabrita has been making bottle food based on goat’s milk for years. Many mothers around the world give their babies our milk and we are proud of that!

Naturally mild

Goat’s milk is naturally mild and provides a good basis for baby formula. Kabrita combines the natural mildness of goat’s milk with valuable nutrients. We do this on the basis of the latest scientific insights. *

For your reassurance: bottle-feeding based on goat’s milk does not have a typical goat taste, but is actually mild in taste.